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When the swell is up and your sprits are down because it's ruining the visibility at your favorite shore diving spot, remember that divers from Eco Dive Center are on a boat headed to clearer waters. All of the boats we charter at Eco Dive Center have spacious decks to accommodate all of that gear you've been daydreaming about trying with your favorite buddy. The crews are not only friendly and helpful, but they're also knowledgable about local marine life and wont hesitate to slow down for dolphin and whale sitings! While you might expect our captains to be salty seamen, they are some of the friendliest faces you'll encounter throughout the day. These folks know the best dive spots from the west end of Catalina, to the kelp forests around Anacapa, and they never disappoint. There's always plenty of hearty and tasty food on the boats, because we all know how hungry a day of diving can make us! Just don't forget a few beers to enjoy while you watch the sunset on the ride back. 
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Posting: 02-01-2016

Tonight at Eco Dive Center 7pm Captain John Kades will give us divers a talk, join us for Pizza (no BBQ in the rain) and good times. 
Who's this Captain John Kades, well, he has been an investigator and deputy coroner for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office for over 15 years. He is an active scuba diver since 1981 and has spent 14 years as a public safety diver for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Underwater Search and Recovery team. He has been a member of the department’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and is specialized in disaster operations, drowning/SCUBA cases, aircraft fatalities, and skeletal/buried body cases. 
As a member of the California State Coroner’s Association (CSCA) Captain Kades serves on the Association’s coroner curriculum development committee that recommends training standards for death investigations. He has a BA in criminal justice from UC Santa Barbara.
Captain John Kades from the LA County Coroners Office comes to Eco Dive Center to update us on 2015 dive fatalities and how it compares to previous years. He will discuss common dive accidents and prevention techniques so you don't become a 2016 statistic, EeeeK! 
Two Bucks; The raffle prizes are a gift certificate to LAX Gun Range, 45 min Thai Massage, drysuit undergarments, drysuit bag, sharkSkin hoodie, and few other cool scuba related items:)

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Posting: 01-05-2016
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Conditions were gorgeous for a day on Catalina Island! We got an early start and arrived on the island at 8am, and by 9am we splashed into our first training dive of the day! Visibility was 40ft with a very low tide which made for an interesting entry from the Casino Point stairs, but once underwater we explored the dive site and skillfully executed the training requirements. We saw guitarfish, garibaldi, rockfish, California sheepsheads, and even a very large crab that wowed the student divers! We also paid a visit to the Jacques Cousteau memorial plaque and a small shipwreck at the end of the dive park (though we had to look down on the wreck to stay at 60ft). The water was a steady 62 degrees, leaving everyone energized and excited about completing their training and becoming PADI open water divers!

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Posting: 05-11-2015


A few weeks ago some Israeli divers chanced upon  nearly 2,000 gold coins that had been underwater in the Mediterranean for a millennia. This was the largest hoard of gold coins ever discovered in Israel and theories abound.  Scientists have posited that perhaps it's the remnants of a shipwreck carrying tax money to the central government in Egypt.  Or perhaps the coins were meant to pay military garrison salaries in Caesarea.


Before you start diving shipwrecks looking for buried treasure, take the PADI Wreck Specialty Course. It teaches divers how to safely dive wrecks, which are usually located in deep water. It also teaches divers how to research the history of a wreck and determine the legality of salvaging, so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.


After that, there are opportunities to search for sunken treasure  like diving the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha in Florida. For $2,500 you get to dive alongside professional underwater treasure hunters and try your hand at finding your very own cache of precious, antique gold coins.


Come join us on May 2 and 3, 2015 for our next Wreck Weekend in San Diego where you can earn your Wreck Specialty certification diving the 366 foot Canadian Destroyer “Yukon.”  This could be your first step in being an underwater Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.



Email tim@ecodivecenter.com for more details or call 310-398-5759 to sign up.

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