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Trip was expected to do 2 dives on the Oil Rigs and a third dive at the Olympic II wreck. The ride out of the harbor was slow. Dense Fog. Captain called off anchoring at the Olympic wreck due to the fog. Decision was made to do 3 dives on the oil rigs. I managed the waiver process. When waivers were done I had both of the DMC's on board (Gary and Chris) check the waivers for errors. During sign ups, I had Donna Webster cross-off a mistake on her waiver and not initial it. I had her not put the name of the boat on the waiver nor did she sign the waiver. Tough love but good exercise for the DMC's, neither of which caught any of the problems.
At the rig, boat's DM gave a site briefing. After, I gave a short briefing introducing Jing, Steven and myself and stressing short bottom times and to watch their nitrogen buildup. I told the divers not to miss or omit their safety stops and if they had any questions they were to ask Jing, Steven or me. Jing led a diver and I led a diver new to California waters. Steven Soo was doing a deep specialty. I talked individually to "advanced" divers with under 15 total dives to make sure they were comfortable with the dive and to invite them to dive with me if they wanted to. I let those divers know how important good buoyancy was on a rig dive and to make sure they added air to control their descent and to let air out on the ascent.

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