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The Yukon Shipwreck- You may have dived it or seen photos on the Eco facebook, but what do you know about the Yukon itself? The ship was a Canadian Mackenzie class destroyer, launched in 1961. It was assigned to the Pacific Fleet and served primarily as a training vessel for the Royal Canadian Navy. After over 30 years of service, the ship was decommissioned from Maritime Command. in 2000, the hull was purchased by the San Diego Oceans Foundation and towed to San Diego to be sunk and turned into an artificial reef.

At 366ft, the Yukon is an exciting shipwreck dive that also poses quite a lot of challenges to wreck divers. Since it was a crew ship and not a cargo ship, the interior is complicated and divers can easily lose their way. The wreck lays on its side, making navigation even more disorienting. Those who have dived the Yukon know that it can be an eerie experience, with the ghostly anemones swaying in the current. Peering into the empty halls and exploring the decks is a thrilling dive experience and is quite a departure from reef diving.

Anyone curious about getting more acquainted with wreck diving can look into the regular PADI Wreck Specialty Certification that Eco offers regularly. This course will teach divers how to safely penetrate wrecks with reels and how to handle the extra dangers of being in an overhead environment, especially at depth. It’s a great weekend getaway to San Diego, with plenty of beer and good food in between.

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